Friday, December 21, 2012

State Large Group Plaques

Hello KCDA!

Many of you received this message via email, however just to have all of our information outlets covered I thought I'd send it out via KCDA Update as well:  Below you will find an email within an email from KCDA President, Dr. David Gardner, along with a message from Reg Romine, from KSSHAA, regarding the wording on our State Large Ensemble Gender Choir Plaques.

Happy Holidays!
Dustin Cates
KCDA Webmaster

Dear KCDA Membership,
I’ve been asked to elicit your feedback on a proposed change in wording that affects High School Choirs.  If you are a High School choir director who takes your choirs to State Large Group, would you take a moment to read the proposal below?  CLICK HERE to submit your opinion.  I will compile your responses and send them on to the KMEA leadership.
Please send any responses you have to me by January 7 so I can pass them on in a timely manner.  The note quoted below is from Reg Romine of KSHSAA, and it came to me from Craig Manteuffel, president of KMEA. 

To Music Advisory Committee:
I am getting ready to order State Large Group Music Plaques and would like to get your input before I do.  Many states no longer use Boy’s Glee and Girl’s Glee.  They have gone to Bass Clef Choir and Treble Clef Choir or Tenor/Bass Choir and Treble Choir.  This has been done to address the uncomfortable issue of having a boy who needs to sing in the girls glee or a girl who needs to sing in the boys glee due to voice range.  We have never had a challenge with this in our state; however in today’s times I would like to begin switching over to the new terminology if you feel our directors would be ok with it?  I am recommending going to Bass Clef Choir, Treble Clef Choir, Mixed Choir.
We would continue to deplete our supply of current plaques first and then move to the new titles once they are depleted.
Please let me know your feelings either way or any suggestions or thoughts.
Thank you for your prompt reply,

Thanks so much for all you do for Kansas Choirs!

Dave Gardner,
KCDA President