Monday, October 3, 2016

DEADLINE TODAY: Treble Honor Choir Auditions Close at Midnight


Please see the below message from Treble Honor Choir Chair Josh Wildin.  Today is the final day to submit students for the Treble Honor Choir.

Hope you are having a FANTASTIC Monday!

Tiffani Thompson
KCDA Webmaster


Hello everyone,
                Tonight Tonight….(thank you Kelly for the idea J) Tonight is the night.  At midnight tonight the system will lock all auditions out from being uploaded.  An invoice will be generated for you from the system tomorrow.  All deadlines have been synched with the KMEA ML Choir deadlines so that no one is confused.   Payment to Steve Miller is expected to be postmarked by the 24th of October. 
Jenni and I will be asking everyone to help with the judging process.  If you accept, you will have 3 weeks to listen to the recordings and judge them.  This is adequate time to complete this process.  We are all busy and I don’t want this to take forever so the more people that help the better. 
You will receive an invitation from the system.  You will need to accept and create a judges account.  If you can’t help with this process we understand, but please…if you do accept make sure you get the judging done.  The rubric for our event can be found in the system. 
I hope you have all enjoyed the change to this system.  For myself as a director and as the chair it has been fabulous. 
Good luck to all of your kids!
Josh Wildin