Tuesday, August 14, 2018

ALCM to host several events for planning and leading worship

The Association of Lutheran Church Musicians is sponsoring a number of events for those who plan and lead worship (not necessary to be an ALCM member to attend). There is a one-day event being held on Saturday, September 15th at Trinity Lutheran Church in Mission, KS. See the link and attached pdf for more information. Topics to be covered include the role of the church musician, clergy-musician cooperation, resources, choral repertoire and rehearsal techniques, hymn playing at the organ, and children's participation in worship. Note that volunteers are needed to play for the hymn-playing masterclass, taught by Dr. John Ferguson along with Lara West. Volunteers should contact Linda Martin as noted in the booklet.

A similar event is taking place in Lindsborg, KS, on Sept. 29, in case that date or location is more convenient.

You can find more info at https://alcm.org/kansas-events/.