Monday, July 9, 2018

First Lutheran (Mission Hills) seeking Director of Music

First Lutheran Church Welcome Statement
Our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to welcome all people, and indeed First Lutheran Church has a long history and cherished identity as a welcoming congregation. We welcome all who are seeking spiritual growth and enrichment. We offer Christian worship in the Lutheran tradition with the goals of making worship meaningful and readily accessible for the participant. Communion is open to all who are drawn to the table. We welcome children and embrace our role as extended family. We offer a place of worship where children are seen, heard, and respected and accepted for who they are, as they are, and guided in their faith development. We welcome the diversity of families present in our society. We are committed to ministry with persons in a variety of family configurations. We welcome people of all gender identities and sexual orientations as participants and members in our congregation. We welcome persons of color and persons whose primary language is not English. We are eager to nurture exchange among all cultures. We welcome persons with varying disabilities, including physical, mental and emotional. Our building is handicap accessible, and we strive to provide other accommodations as needed. We welcome people of all economic backgrounds. YOU ARE WELCOME to learn of Jesus Christ and to share fellowship, time and treasure to His greater glory.


The Director of Music is a part time position. The Director of Music is responsible for the development of interests, abilities and uses of music in the worship life of the congregation.

Guidelines for Position of Director of Music:

The Director of Music is responsible for the whole musical life of the Church in concert with the Pastor. At regular staff meetings, subject to the schedule of all involved, the director of music will work with the Pastor, other staff, and volunteers both to contribute creatively and to ensure thorough planning of rehearsals, practices, and all other music related activities.

            Of special concern will be:

-    ensuring seasonal variety and appropriateness of music

-    challenging and utilizing the gifts of the choirs

-    communicating necessary information to the parish assistant in a timely manner

-    communicating with choir members effectively

-    acting as a liaison for information between the Worship and Music team and the rest of the staff                    

Duties and Responsibilities:

   Direct, manage, and recruit for the existing Adult Chancel and Hand Bell choirs.

-    Teach fundamentals of vocal and hand bell performance.

   Attend and participate in Worship and Music Committee meetings, worship planning groups and staff meetings. 

-    Work with the Worship and Music Committee when fundraising events are planned benefiting the music program.

-    Submit annual budget requests through the Worship and Music Committee

   Help plan worship services 8:15 and 10:30 and special services within established guidelines.

   Bring strong conducting expertise and enthusiasm to the program.

   Maintain the music library

-    Select and purchase music and choral supplies within the budgetary limits of the Worship and Music Committee.

   Arrange, supervise, and work with paid singers and instrumentalists. Arrange payment within budgetary guidelines of the Worship and Music Committee.

-    Arrange and supervise additional solo/ensemble music for corporate worship as needed.

   Supervise and support the position of Organist

   Coordinate with the Christian Education staff in providing music for the weekly openings of the Sunday Church School program.

-    Look for opportunities to develop new musical groups giving particular attention to the youth of the congregation.

   Cultivate positive team relationships with the staff, remain flexible and adapt to changing environment, maintain sensitivity to the diverse and dynamic needs of volunteer choirs, maintain a sense of humor and have fun. 

Required Knowledge & Skills:

   2-3 years of combined experience in the following areas:

-    Director of Music

-    Choir Director

-    Choral Leader

-    Vocal Teacher and/or Vocal Performer


   The Director of Music if supervised by the Pastor and the Worship and Music Committee, who are responsible for ensuring and annual review.

Overview of Benefits:


-    Compensation shall be at the rate stipulated in the annual Church budget. The compensation package shall include vacation time and approved by the congregation in adopting its budget.


-    Vacation time of 28 days per year, including 4 Sundays

-    Vacations shall be scheduled and taken on the basis of the employee’s normal work week.

-    Vacation pay may be drawn in advance by the employee immediately prior to taking vacation time.

-    Vacations are discouraged during the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter

To apply for the position, please send introductory letter and resume, including 3 references to:

Pastor Phil Vickers

6400 State Line Road

Mission Hills, KS  66208

OR email to

Questions, please call 913.362.4150